Board of License Commissioners

Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 4:00 pm
City Hall meeting room, 14 Court Square
A meeting of the Board of License Commissioners


1) John David Boles, sign on Common, September 19th – 26th

2) Connecticut River Conservancy, request to have alcoholic beverages on City property Saturday, September 25th 1pm – 3pm at the Swim Area for the Green River clean up & determination if a one-day beer & wine license is required

3) Thomas Raffensperger, special one day beer license, August 29th 10:00am – 1:30pm for Green River Marathon at GCC

4) La Vera Cruzana, vendor license for sale of food & beverage at the Green River Marathon at GCC August 29th

5) Batch, Inc, ice cream truck vendor permit for sale of ice cream at the Green River Marathon at GCC August 29th

6) GHS Football Parents Association, helmet drive at Main Street / Bank Row / Federal Street intersection, September 11th 9am – 11am

7) Four Phantoms Brewing Company, LLC, new annual farmer series pouring permit for sale of malt alcoholic beverages produced by the brewery for consumption on the premises to be exercised at 301 Wells Street, with Lloyd Phillips as manager

8) Lloyd Phillips, Common Victualler license at 301 Wells Street

9) Greenfield Farmers’ Market, ratify & confirm Chairman’s approval of vendors for Art Market Day August 14th – The Guild textile artisans, JDB Designs jewelry, JL Ozzywood kitchen products, Jinja Prints textiles, Kerstin Glaess Art paintings & photography, Nuthatch & Bluet Studio hand printed fabric items, Pick Nature jewelry & crafts, Taproot Threads designs screened on clothing, Twist Dab & Throw paintings

10) Timothy McCrory / Oak Ridge Detachment MCL, vendor license for sale of food & beverage at the Fair September 12th

11) Terri & Stan Johnson dba Reflections of time, vendor license for sale of lawn & porch decorations at the Fair September 9th – 12th

12) Sherryla Diola dba Ginger Love Café, vendor license for sale of food & beverage at Green River Festival August 27th – 29th at Fairgrounds

13) Meadows Café & Golf Center, 398 Deerfield Street

14) Amendment to the Rules and Procedures for free speech use of the Town Common, Parks and Public Ways

This list of topics was complete as of the time of posting, however the Licensing Commissioners may consider or take action on items that were unforeseen by the Chairman at the time of posting to the extent allowed by law.

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