Human Rights Commission

Monday, November 8, 2021, 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm
A meeting of the Human Rights Commission


COMMITTEE: Human Rights Commission of Greenfield

DATE: Monday, November 8, 2021

TIME: 6:00 p.m. via REMOTE/WEBEX


  1. Call to Order

  2. Chairperson Statements: (a) If any person present is recording this meeting, you must notify the Chairperson at this time. (b) No person shall address a meeting of a public body without permission of The Chair, and all persons shall, at the request of The Chair, remain silent. No person shall disrupt the proceedings of a meeting of a public body. If, after clear warning from The Chair, a person continues to disrupt the pro-ceedings, The Chair may order the person to withdraw from the meeting, and if the person does not withdraw, The Chair may authorize a constable or other officer to remove the person from the meeting.

  3. Roll Call of Commissioners

  4. Review and Emendations and Approval of Minutes from the October 18, 2021 meeting

  5. Announcements to be shared

  6. Presence and participation of visitors at this meeting

  7. Update of Open Seats on the HRCoG for 2021-2022: Where are we now?

  8. Continuing Discussion of The Nature Gap and pertinent issues from previous meetings

[Proposal to form subcommittee to create a draft plan for The Nature Gap and

HRCoG involvement]

  1. Follow-up to status of previous documents presented to The Mayor

  2. Other Old Business and Carryover from previous meetings

  3. Draft of Proposal for HRCoG Internal operations and structure

  4. Discussion of International Human Rights Day 2021 (December 10)

  5. Reconsideration of Retreat for HRCoG Commissioners for Team-Building

  6. Follow-up on Internal HRCoG Directory

  7. Other New Business

  8. Discussion of location for December meeting / Potential Change of Date to December 6

  9. Adjournment


Please note that the list of topics was comprehensive at the time of posting This body may consider and take action on unforeseen matters not specifically named in the notice. Posted

in accordance with M. G. L. c30A s 18

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Meeting number:132 632 5673

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