Financial Transparency

It is our goal to provide as much information to our citizens as possible, to promote a transparent government.

Financial information is updated weekly. Citizens can review total spending to date or dive in to see how funds are appropriated by department, learn which vendors receive which payments in a given year, or research spending for specific areas. Interactive charts and graphs allow citizens to easily analyze Greenfield’s financial data.

This is a comprehensive financial tool which links directly to the Accounting Software, so please note:

  • Information is updated weekly;
  • Information is provided for ALL funds - General Fund, Water, and Sewer Funds, etc.
  • The budgeted numbers include all adjustments made through votes of City Council (reserve fund transfers, Free Cash votes, budget transfer/adjustments from the negotiated salary line item, or compensated absences) and numbers that are budgeted from the Recap that are not included in the annual voted General Fund Budget; and
  • Total revenues and expenditures are a total of the credit and debit journal entries kept by the Accounting Department and do not represent the total cash received or expended by the town.
Launch the Financial Transparency Tool.