Our Responsibilities


The City accountant must maintain a complete set of ledgers in accordance with the Director of Accounts and Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 44. The ledgers include the amount of each appropriation, the amounts and purposes of expenditures, and the amounts and sources of all revenues. The City accountant also needs to track all levied assessments and all abatement/exemptions.


Accounting must post all purchase orders to the appropriations ledger, encumbering all funds committed by the departments. All purchases must be checked for compliance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 30B. Encumbrance revisions are made as necessary. All departmental outstanding bills are reported to the Accounting Department and all encumbered funds at the close of the fiscal year are carried forward into the next fiscal year.


The Accounting Department processes all invoices and bill schedules submitted for payment by the other departments. This includes preparing and submitting the warrants to the City accountant and mayor for approval and to the treasurer for payment. The accounts payable clerk and the City accountant or payroll clerk checks each invoice for accuracy and legality.


All payrolls submitted by the departments are processed and submitted on a warrant for payment by the Accounting Department. Payrolls are checked for accuracy and compliance with employment laws and City policies. Payroll warrants are prepared and submitted to the City accountant and mayor for approval and to the treasurer for payment. At the close of each calendar year, W-2s are edited and prepared by the Accounting Department. The Accounting Department also maintains payroll records and files and completes any program maintenance of the payroll software.


The Accounting Department is responsible for recording and reporting cash receipts submitted by the treasurer and other departments. A monthly report of all City revenues is prepared and submitted to the mayor and director of Administration and Finance. The City accountant must report and pay all sales taxes owed by the City of Greenfield.


The city accountant receives annual departmental budget requests and prepares the City budget orders for approval. As approved by the mayor and City Council, budget revisions are processed and authorized. Departmental budgets and special revenue funds are inspected and balances are verified to ensure budgetary compliance. Any discrepancies are reported to the mayor and the director of Administration and Finance.


The Accounting office prepares financial reports as required by the Department of Revenue and City officials including monthly departmental expenditures, Annual Providers Information Form (REAP Report), Schedule A, Annual Equal Employment Opportunity report, and information required by the Auditors. The City accountant must also submit the balance sheet and year-end checklist to the Department of Revenue for the Annual Free Cash Certification. All vendor 1099s are edited and prepared by the Accounting Department. The City accountant must also submit a statement of all receipts and expenditures of the City for the past fiscal year for the annual City report.


The City accountant works closely with the assessors preparing tax recapitulation forms and information submitted to the Department of Revenue to set the annual tax rate. The City accountant must certify and submit to the assessors a schedule of Local Estimated Receipts; Schedule A-1 Offset Receipts; Schedule A-2 Enterprise Funds; Schedule A-3 Revolving Funds authorized under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 44, Section 53 E1/2; Schedule B-1 Free Cash Certification and Appropriation, Schedule B-2 Sources and Uses of Other Available Funds; and Schedule OL-1 Overlay Account Balances.


The City accountant has custody of all contracts and maintains sureties on all bonds of indemnity given to the City. The Accounting Department processes all unemployment compensation reimbursable benefits owed by the City of Greenfield to the Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training. The Department also monitors all worker's compensation claims owed by the City and is responsible for maintaining the policies for the City's liability insurances.