The Department of Community and Economic Development supports the preservation and development of safe and affordable housing in the City of Greenfield. 

Our department is the Local Rehab Agency for the following programs:
Get the Lead Out (MassHousing): Provides low- and no-interest financing to assist with the removal of lead paint. Please contact us for more information.
Gateway Housing Rehab Program (MassHousing): Provides grants for the rehabilitation of blighted 1-4 unit residential properties. Applications are currently closed.
CDBG Housing Rehab Program: Provides 0% interest, deferred payment loans to assist with repairs to fix code compliance issues in homes occupied by low- and moderate-income individuals. This program is not currently funded, but we are accepting waitlist applications.

If you are in urgent need of home repairs and cannot wait on the CDBG Housing Rehab waitlist, you may be able to find assistance through one of these other recommended programs:
MassHousing Home Improvement Loans
MassHousing Septic System Repair Loans
CEDAC Home Modification Loans
Community Action Pioneer Valley Weatherization Program
Community Action Pioneer Valley Heating System Repair and Replacement Program
USDA Section 504 Home Repair Program

The Department also works closely with the Attorney General’s Receivership program and the Franklin Regional Council of Governments to address Vacant, Distressed and Abandoned Housing in the City. In 2019 and 2020, we held a series of workshops on landlord rights and responsibilities with the goal of preventing code compliance issues and improving the state of Greenfield’s rental housing.