Miscellaneous DPW FAQ

Can I get free sand for treating sidewalks and driveways?
Yes! There is a sand pile to the right as you enter the DPW yard at 209 Wells St. from which residents are welcome to take sand, but you'll need to bring your own container. There is a small amount of salt in the sand.
When will they be fixing sidewalks in my neighborhood?
Sidewalks are repaired/replaced on a schedule based on sidewalk conditions. You can see the schedule for 2023/2024 here.

If you want to check if your sidewalk is on a future schedule, contact the Department of Public Works by email or by phone at 413-772-1528.

Trash & Recycling FAQ

What can I do with hazardous waste?
Greenfield and Leyden residents may bring hazardous waste to the Greenfield Water Facilities located at 384 Deerfield Street, Monday through Friday. Please call 413-772-1539 for an appointment. 
Do I have to separate my recycling?
Yes! It is very important to have the paper and cardboard in a separate bin from the glass, tin, aluminum, and plastics. You can read about what items are and aren't recyclable in our recycling guide here.
Where can I purchase a recycling bin?
We offer 18-gallon, green recycling bins for only $4; they can be purchased at the DPW office, 189 Wells Street, or at the Transfer Station at 86 Cumberland Road.
Can I recycle shredded paper?
Unfortunately, no.  Shredded paper must be placed in the trash, or you can use it for backyard composting.
Do I have to purchase a residential window decal to use the Transfer Station?
No. You can use the Transfer Station without a sticker by paying a $5 host fee in addition to the cost of whatever you're throwing away.
How do I know when my trash/recycling will be picked up?
The day of your trash and recycling pick-up is determined by your address. You can find the schedule and street listings here.
What time does my trash and recycling need to be curbside?
Your trash and recycling needs to be curbside by 7 a.m. If you delay, you may miss your pick-up.
Can I recycle soda and beer packaging and packaging from frozen food?
Surprisingly, no! You can read the details of what kind of packaging can be recycled on the Springfield Materials Recycling Facility website.

Water & Sewer FAQ

How often do residents receive a water/sewer bill?
Currently the billing happens every six months.
Do I get an abatement every time I fill my pool?
No. We offer an abatement on the sewer portion of your bill only for new pools or new liners for pools of at least 2,000 gallons.