Highway & Traffic


The Highway Division is responsible for maintenance of:
  • 120 miles of roadways,
  • 78 miles of sidewalks
  • 35 miles miles of curbing,
  • 7.4 acres of parking lots, and
  • Numerous guard rails, stairs, walls, and fences.
Maintenance includes:
  • Filling potholes,
  • Patching trenches,
  • Paving,
  • Crack sealing,
  • Street sweeping, and
  • Snow removal/sanding operations.
The Traffic Division:
  • Fabricates and sets signs,
  • Services and repairs over 700 parking meters, and
  • Performs painting of centerlines, parking stalls, crosswalks, and stop bars.
Paving Schedule:
2023 Paving Schedule

Sidewalk Information:
Sidewalk work is based upon funding, weather dependent, department priorities, and staff time.
Sidewalk Survey - 2018
Sidewalk Overlay Program
Proposed Sidewalk Reconstruction - 2023-2024
In-house Sidewalk Replacement/Overlay List

You can read more about snow and ice control here.