Parks & Forestry

The Parks and Forestry Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for:
  • Maintenance and care (planting, pruning, and removal - removal of dead/decaying trees is critical to the safety of public ways and those using public grounds) of city-owned land and trees,
  • Maintenance of city parks and the swimming area,
  • Preparation and lining of athletic playing fields,
  • Support for public recreation events, and
  • Maintenance all school grounds.


Who should I call if I want a shade tree?

Any city of Greenfield resident who would like a shade tree planted on their front lawn should contact the DPW at 413-772-1528. The trees are generally planted in the spring or fall depending on resources. Trees planted on homeowners' front lawns become their property and responsibility. This includes watering, pruning, and the removal of the tree if and when necessary.

Who do I call if the city tree in my tree belt (the narrow strip between the sidewalk and the street) needs to be pruned or removed?

Contact the DPW at 413-772-1528 to have your request put on a work order for the Tree Warden to determine if it needs to be pruned or removed.


Tree hearings are held when street trees are schedule to be cut down.

You can read the minutes of the most recent tree hearings below. 

Tree Hearing Minutes, April 20, 2023
Tree Hearing Minutes, August 6, 2021


The Greenfield Tree Committee is a volunteer, non-municipal committee that works with the city and residents to increase the number and quality of trees in the city. They also help maintain an inventory of city street trees.
In 2014, the Sustainable Franklin County Green Infrastructure Implementation Project, with support from the DPW, Planning & Development, the Tree Warden, and the Greenfield Tree Committee, created a baseline tree inventory. You can see the tree inventory here.