Water for Swimming Pools

If a homeowner fills a pool with their garden hose, they may request an abatement on the sewer-use-fee portion of their next bill if the pool size is 2,000 gallons or more and is being completely filled because it's new or the liner has been replaced. The homeowner should bring a copy of the invoice showing the size of the pool or liner. The abatement will be calculated based on the current sewer use fee. No abatements are granted for topping off pools or any other outdoor water use.

The homeowner may be allowed to fill their pool through the nearest available fire hydrant if the house lot is on the same side of the street as the hydrant.

  • The homeowner must apply for approval to the Department of Public Works by email or phone at 413-772-1528 at least three working days prior to the desired filling date. The department may deny any hydrant connection if they judge it to be in the City’s best interest to do so.
  • The DPW will install a hydrant meter connection with shut-off and observe the hookup of the hose from the hydrant to the pool by the homeowner. If the layout of the hose is judged proper and safe, the DPW will turn on the water.
  • When filling is done, the DPW must be called to shut off the hydrant and disconnect the meter. The homeowner must not operate the meter or the hydrant at any time.
  • The charge for the filling will be the usage multiplied by the current water rate plus a $30 labor and equipment surcharge if the work is done during normal working hours. If outside normal working hours, the charge will be as above with a $60 labor and equipment surcharge.
  • All charges will be mailed to the homeowner and liened against the property if not paid.