Fire Prevention Division

The Greenfield Fire Prevention Division provides fire and life safety protection to the public by ensuring compliance of fire code and by enforcement of the Fire Prevention Laws, Regulations, and Codes. The two major functions of Greenfield Fire Prevention are the review of engineered building plans for life safety systems and the inspection and testing of any installation, alteration, modification, or repair to any fire alarm, sprinkler or suppression system. page-p729

The Prevention Division collects fees for certain permits and inspections. You can find the current fee schedule here.

We also do smoke and carbon monoxide detector inspections for homes sales, per Massachusetts state law.

You can find a guide to detector and installation requirements here.

Per city ordinance, certain buildings are required to install a key lock box, to allow firefighters quick access into the building during incidents. The full ordinance can be found here. These include commercial or industrial structures, residential structures with six or more units, governmental structures, health care and nursing facilities, schools, and any structure that is deemed by the Fire Chief as high risk. Details and purchasing information for the key lock boxes can be found at Knoxbox.

The Greenfield Fire Department enforces all requirements for mobile and temporary food vending. Information on these food requirements can be found here.