Community Preservation Committee

Staff Contact: Christian LaPlante, 413-772-1548 ext. 4
Mailing Address: 14 Court Square, Greenfield, MA 01301

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9 of 9 seats. 0 years each seat.

  • Garth Shaneyfelt, Vice-chair. June, 2023.
  • Travis Drury, Chair. June, 2024.
  • John Passiglia. June, 2023.
  • Thomas Guerino. June, 2023.
  • Susan Worgaftik. June, 2024.
  • Yanis Chibani. June, 2024.
  • Dave Chichester. June, 2025.
  • Donna DuSell. June, 2025.
  • Wisty Rorabacher. June, 2025.

Greenfield Community Preservation Plan

Powers and Duties
The Community Preservation Committee shall study the needs, possibilities, and resources of
the city regarding community preservation. The committee shall consult with existing municipal
boards, including the conservation commission, the historical commission, the planning board,
the recreation commission and the housing authority, or persons acting in those capacities or
performing like duties, in conducting such studies. As part of its study, the committee shall hold
one or more public informational hearings on the needs, possibilities and resources of the city
regarding community preservation possibilities and resources, notice of which shall be posted
publicly and published for each of two weeks preceding a hearing in a newspaper of general
circulation in the city.

A. The Community Preservation Committee shall make recommendations to the legislative
body for the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space; for the acquisition,
preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic resources; for the acquisition,
creation, preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration of land for recreational use; for the
acquisition, creation, preservation and support of community housing; and for the
rehabilitation or restoration of open space and community housing that is acquired or
created as provided in this section. With respect to community housing, the community
preservation committee shall recommend, wherever possible, the reuse of existing
buildings or construction of new buildings on previously developed sites. With respect to
recreational use, the acquisition of artificial turf for athletic fields shall be prohibited.

B. The Community Preservation Committee may include, in its recommendation to the City
Council, a recommendation to set aside for later spending funds for specific purposes
that are consistent with community preservation but for which sufficient revenues are not
then available in the Community Preservation Fund to accomplish that specific purpose
or to set aside for later spending for general purposes that are consistent with
community preservation.

C. As provided in the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act, no expenditures shall be
made from the Community Preservation Fund without the approval of City Council.

D. In each fiscal year and upon the recommendation of the Community Preservation
Committee, the City Council shall spend, or set aside for later spending, not less than
10% of the annual revenues in the Community Preservation Fund for open space, not
less than 10% of the annual revenues for historic resources, and not less than 10% of
the annual revenues for community housing. The Community Preservation Committee
will submit an annual administrative and operating budget for the Community
Preservation Committee, which cannot exceed five percent (5%) of the annual revenues
in the Community Preservation Fund, to City Council for approval.

Previous meetings:

Community Preservation Committee Meeting Minutes

Name Uploaded Date
   CPC FY23 Budget Letter.pdf (View on Calendar) 2022-03-17 13:19:25
   CPC Meeting Minutes 1-27-22.pdf 2022-03-16 09:03:40
   CPC Meeting Minutes 10-28-2021.pdf 2021-11-23 11:46:40
   CPC Meeting Minutes 11-22-21.pdf 2021-12-17 13:40:54
   CPC Meeting Minutes 12-16-21.pdf 2022-03-16 09:03:12
   CPC Meeting Minutes 2-24-22.pdf 2022-03-25 09:23:51
   CPC Meeting Minutes 9-23-2021.pdf 2021-11-01 09:40:16
   CPC Minutes August 26 2021.pdf 2021-09-24 13:45:02
   CPC Minutes July 22 2021.pdf 2021-09-23 13:08:02
   CPC Minutes June 17 2021.pdf 2021-09-23 10:52:55
   Greenfield CPC FY2023 Budget.pdf (View on Calendar) 2022-03-17 13:18:58
   Greenfield CPC FY2023 Budget April 28 2022.pdf (View on Calendar) 2022-04-26 09:12:31
   Greenfield CPC FY2023 Budget Breakdown April 28 2022.pdf (View on Calendar) 2022-04-26 09:13:18
   Greenfield CPC FY2023 Budget Letter April 28 2022.pdf (View on Calendar) 2022-04-26 09:12:53
   Meeting Minutes CPC 03-24-22 FINAL.pdf 2022-07-28 15:36:59
   Meeting Minutes CPC 04-28-22 FINAL.pdf 2022-07-28 15:37:06
   Meeting Minutes CPC 06-01-22 FINAL.pdf 2022-07-28 15:37:08
   Meeting Minutes CPC 06-23-22 FINAL.pdf 2022-07-28 15:37:14
Calendar of Events
Tue, Jan 31, 2023, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
John Zon Community Center, 35 Pleasant St. Greenfield, MA 01301
Wed, Feb 1, 2023, 12:00 pm