Board of Health


The Board of Health is responsible for making health policy for the City of Greenfield, including:

  • Creating new policy and regulation to protect the public and the environment (e.g., tobacco, plastic bag, and styrofoam regulation).
  • Suggesting topics they would like to see addressed and investigated by the Health Department.
  • Holding public hearings on existing policies and regulations.
  • Hearing variance requests for existing policies and regulations.
  • Overseeing inspections to maintain minimum standards for sanitation in housing and food service.
  • Reviewing paperwork submitted by the Commonwealth regarding environmental hazards and providing guidance as needed.

The Board of Health operates under Section 6-16 of the City Charter,  Chapter 507 of the Code of the City of Greenfield, and Massachusetts General Law.

The Board of Health provides oversight of the Health Department. The Health Department is the enforcement arm of the Board of Health.


The Board of Health meets monthly at least once and a second time if needed. Please check the calendar for scheduled meeting information, including agendas.

Three seats (one a physician or other licensed qualified health care professional) / Three-year terms
Carrie Mimitz December 2025
John Romano, MD June 2026
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Greenfield's medical director is Timothy Lepore, MD.
Board of Health Meetings

03/08/24 Board of Health             Minutes                  
02/15/24 Board of Health             Minutes       Video            
11/29/23 Board of Health             Minutes                  
10/23/23 Board of Health             Minutes                  
09/27/23 Board of Health             Minutes                  
07/26/23 Board of Health             Minutes                  
06/28/23 Board of Health             Minutes                  
05/31/23 Board of Health             Minutes                  
04/26/23 Board of Health             Minutes                  
01/25/23 Board of Health             Minutes