Mayor Wedegartner Lifts Mask Indoor Mandate as of 11/8/21

Mayor Roxann Wedegartner announced today at a press conference that she will lift the indoor mask mandate effective Monday November 8, 2021. The Mask Mandate went into effect by executive order on September 20, 2021.

Masks are still required while doing business in City offices. Greenfield has many businesses which require masks as corporate policy, and some small businesses may opt to require masks indoors at their establishments. The Mayor urged the public to be cooperative in those situations and to be kind to people who opt to wear masks in public.

“I also encourage you to continue wearing your masks if you feel it is in your best interest, especially indoors in venues where you are unsure of people’s vaccination status and you cannot easily socially distance yourself. Mask wearing not only protects you, but it protects others. Remember, many children are still unvaccinated.”

Greenfield’s vaccination rate is currently 64%.

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