Mayor Roxann Wedegartner and Greenfield’s Director of Energy and Sustainability Carole Collins Provide Update on Fiske Avenue Parking Lot

GREENFIELD – Recent improvements to the Fiske Avenue parking lot are the result of ongoing collaboration across Greenfield’s Department of Public Works (DPW), Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Energy and Sustainability, and a group of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. Together, they worked to enhance the area. DPW took the lead and replaced the deteriorating wall in October, and thanks to an AARP grant awarded to the City, there is now a garden on the southern end of the site.

The garden became a reality thanks to the efforts of a group of enthusiastic volunteers headed up by Wisty Rorabacher and Dorothea Sotiros. With assistance by DPW, this group of committed citizens dedicated to planting gardens in and around downtown Greenfield, did an amazing job converting the southern end of the site from an overgrown patch into an inviting area filled with native plants along with identifying signage. The garden design was based on a plan completed by the Conway School of Landscape Design to enhance downtown parking lots. In Spring 2021, the north end of the site abutting Main Street will be improved with a bench, chess table, bike repair station and a grassy area, to provide a place for recreation and a place for riders to wait for the bus.

In addition, volunteers including business owners on Fiske Avenue will plant a garden in the strip along the new wall to include vegetables and native plant species. “It is very inspiring to see how the relatively small project of replacing a deteriorating retaining wall has blossomed into a transformation of a central downtown location to become an inviting space for residents to enjoy,” said Mayor Roxann Wedegartner. “The commitment by City staff and volunteers alike to make this project a reality highlights how special the Greenfield community is and how much can be accomplished when we work together.”

“There is a long list of people who made this project possible, and it was amazing to witness the labor of love by this group of volunteers who are so committed to increasing native gardens throughout Greenfield. We were all so pleased to implement the beautiful plan by the Conway School and I think it went a long way to generating so much enthusiasm,” stated Carole Collins, Director of Energy and Sustainability.

To make room for this garden, two parking spaces were eliminated in the Fiske Avenue lot. The final phase of the project, to be completed at a later date when funds and resources allow, will move the parking area to Miles Street and include at least the same number of parking spaces as existed in the lot before the project.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please feel free to contact the Office of the Mayor at 413-772-1560 or


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