Automated Recycling Transition

Next Outreach meeting - Monday, September 9 @ 6 PM
John Zon Community Center and Remote via Zoom 


The City of Greenfield is beginning to transition from a manually sorted, dual-stream recycling collection system to a single-stream, fully automated recycling collection method. This transition is thanks to a $2.05 million Solid Waste Infrasture for Recycling (known as SWIFR) grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency that Greenfield received in September 2023. Greenfield was among 25 awarded applicants out of over 330 applications submitted nationwide.

The grant features a three-year implementation process. The implementation is as follows - 

  • Year One - Community outreach and program planning. Several community meetings, communication materials, and tabling efforts will be implemented by the Greenfield DPW Team, the city's Communications Director and the SWIFR Recycling Outreach Coordinator, a position created from the grant award. DPW staff will also enact the procurement process for modernizing our collection vehicles and the transfer trailer and chassis for hauling collected materials from our transfer station to the materials processing facility, procuring collection carts, and modifying our transfer station for managing larger volumes of materials for transloading. Once procurement items are received, recycling drivers will go through a training program with the new vehicles. 
  • Year Two and Year Three - The SWIFR team will continue outreach to ensure that the transition is a smooth process for all city residents and stakeholders. Staff will also conduct quality control audits and reports as stipulated in the SWIFR grant. 
We intend for this webpage to be a comprehensive resource for the community to learn more about the transition to fully automated recycling collection. If you have any questions or suggestions as to what would make the webpage more helpful, please reach out to Communications Director Matt Conway at