Municipal Parking Lots & Metered Parking


Greenfield has seven parking lots with a mix of pay-and-display kiosk and permit parking. When you park in one of the lots, please check to make sure you’re in the correct type of space. Pay-and-display kiosks take cash and credit cards. You can also park in the municipal lots using the Passport App. You may park in any lot spaces, both kiosk and permit, for free on weekends and after 5 p.m.

Rates are between $0.25 / hour and $0.50 / hour, and maximum parking limits vary from 2-10 hours, depending on the location (times are indicated on the parking map).


There are more than 480 on-street metered spaces in downtown Greenfield. Most of these spaces are along Main Street but are also on most downtown side streets. These meters take coins or you can use the Passport App. Metered parking is always free on Saturday and Sunday and after 5 p.m.


You can use the Passport app to pay for parking in all of downtown Greenfield. The Olive Street Parking Garage is Passport and permit parking only. 

To use the Passport app:

  • Download Passport onto your smartphone (a smartphone is required). You'll need to create an account the first time you use Passport. 
  • Look for the unique zone number on Passport parking signs in the lot or garage, or on parking meters for street parking.
  • Enter your session information (the amount of time you need, up to the maximum allowed for that parking area).
  • Choose your payment method.
Once you've created an account, Passport will remember both the number for parking areas where you've parked before and your car information.