DPW (Department of Public Works)


The Department of Public Works has myriad responsibilities; Central Maintenance, and the Engineering, Highway & Traffic, Parks & Forestry, and Water Divisions all have their own pages specifically outlining what they do.

In general, the responsibilities of the DPW include:

  • Maintaining City infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, water, sewer, building maintenance, and storm water systems.
  • Maintaining all green space areas, including trees, parks, benches, municipal cemeteries, the Greenfield River Swimming & Recreation area, and splash pad at Hillside Park.
  • Maintaining 120 miles of roadways and 78 miles of sidewalks.
  • Fabricating street signs and painting crosswalks and stop bars.
  • Maintaining parking meters and kiosks.
  • Filling potholes, digging trenches, paving, crack sealing, street sweeping, and snow/sanding operations.
  • Operating the Transfer Station.
  • Curbside collection of rubbish and recycling, and daily transportation of recycling and rubbish to processing centers.
  • Maintaining the City's water supply (including treatment and distribution), 103 miles of water mains, 1,029 fire hydrants, and 5,697 water services.
  • Performing hydrant flushing.
Rubbish and Recycling Schedule for Indigenous People's Day (Week of October 9 through 13)

In Observation of the holiday on Monday, October 9 (Indigenous People's Day) the following will be the rubbish and
recycling schedule:

Monday’s collection will be on Tuesday
Tuesday’s collection will be on Wednesday
Wednesday’s collection will be on Thursday
Thursday’s collection will be on Friday

It is important to have the rubbish and recycling curbside by 7:00 A.M. on the day of the collection.

Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday!