Transfer Station

The Transfer Station, located at 86 Cumberland Rd., provides a drop-off location for residents to properly dispose of items not collected curbside such as computers and TVs, mattresses, demolition material, bulky rigid plastics, food compost, leaves and brush, fluorescent lights, metal, and hazardous wastes such as paint and waste oil.  Materials and Pricing Guide.

Residents who want to use the Transfer Station must purchase an annual transfer station windshield decal for $20 at the Department of Public Works office at 189 Wells St. or at the Transfer Station itself, at 86 Cumberland Rd.


  • Tuesday-Friday,  11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, 7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Except from January 15 through March 15, when it closes at noon.)
  • Sunday and Monday, closed.
Greenfield offers many ways to reduce the cost of trash, through recycling and composting programs.

Do you have outdated electronics, old paint, or other items that don't belong in your household recycling bin? Find out where to recycle, reuse, or re-purpose them in Massachusetts

The Recyclopedia allows residents to search for items and get answers to their questions about whether an item is recyclable or not. The answers in the Recyclopedia are a reflection of what the Materials Recovery Facilities operators in Massachusetts and other recycling industry experts have said are or aren't recyclable in a typical single stream recycling facility. There are currently over 700 searchable items in the database.


As of November 1, 2022, clothing and other textiles will no longer be allowed in the trash.
Residents should place clean, dry clothing, textiles, and footwear in a plastic bag and bring to a textiles drop-off location. The following are the locations:
  • Any Salvation Army box or thrift store. The Transfer Station located at 86 Cumberland Rd. has a box and the Thrift Store is located at 56 Hope St.
  • The Hartsprings organization offers a drop-off location at the Chapman/Davis Street Parking Lot from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every second Saturday. They also offer pick-up curbside by appointment - call 888-413-2227.
Below is a list of items in your home that can be recycled. Items in any condition can be recycled (worn,
torn, or stained). All items should be clean and dry.
Bedding (comforter, sheets, pillow cases, blankets) Belts Boots
Bras Coats Curtains/draperies
Dresses Flip flops Halloween costumes
Hats Jackets Jeans
Jerseys Napkins (cloth) Pajamas
Pants Pet beds and clothing Pillows
Purses Scarves Shirts
Shoes (do not have to be pairs) Shorts Skirts
Slippers Socks Stuffed animals
Suits Sweaters Sweatpants
Sweatshirts Table linen Ties
Towels T-shirts Undergarments
Textiles that are contaminated with mold, bodily fluids, insects, oil, or hazardous substances should go in the trash.


The Transfer Station makes it easy to drop off your compostable materials, just follow these guidelines:

DO bring:

  • Meat, fish, bones, dairy, eggs, and eggshells.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Bread, rice, and pasta.
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds, and paper filters.
  • Soiled or waxed cardboard.
  • Paper towels and napkins.
  • Paper egg cartons.
  • Paper plates and cups (no lids or straws).
  • Small wooden fruit crates.
DO NOT bring:

  • Plastic bags, wrappers, or plastic wrap (recycle this at local stores).
  • Liquids.
  • Plastic utensils.
  • Styrofoam, plastic cups, or plates.
  • Pet wastes or bedding.
  • Trash.
  • Plastic, metal, or glass (recycle this!).
You can find information about composting at home here.