Emergency Management


The Emergency Management Department's job is to lessen the impact of natural and manmade disasters on the city of Greenfield through effective mitigation, planning, response and recovery. This is accomplished thru a comprehensive emergency management program that includes:

  1. Pre- and post-disaster mitigation of known hazards to reduce their impact.
  2. Preparedness activities, such as emergency planning, training, exercises, and community education programs.
  3. Effective response to emergency situations.
  4. Focused recovery programs for major disasters.

Our all-hazards approach to emergency planning includes threats from hurricanes, tropical storms, and other weather emergencies, as well as man-made or technological emergencies such as major fires, mass casualty incidents, hazardous materials spills, chemical releases, and acts of terrorism.

In the event of a disaster, the Division of Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating local, state, and federal emergency response agencies and for maintaining a coordinated, accurate, consistent flow of information and instructions to the citizens of the City of Greenfield.

Planning, continuous training, and teamwork between the public and private sector have been the key to a quick response and successful recovery from past disasters that have affected our city.

Message from the Emergency Management Director

I would like to thank all the volunteers and paid staff of the Emergency Operations Center for their dedication and hard work. It is our mission to provide the citizens of the city of Greenfield with the highest level of emergency preparedness.

Robert Strahan, Director

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