Construction On Schedule for Greenfield Fire Station

GREENFIELD – The new, state-of-the-art Greenfield Fire Station at 41 Main St. remains on schedule with its 
construction timeline. The project team is optimistic that the station will be completed by the end of December 

“Construction is moving along at a great pace. We are right on target for completion,” said Fire Chief Robert 

The new fire station is a collaboration between Greenfield, Northampton general contractor D.A. Sullivan & 
Sons and H2M architects + engineers. D.A. Sullivan & Sons continues to oversee the construction process, 
while H2M architects + engineers aided the city with design and planning stages, such as location selection for 
the fire station. 

Construction for the Greenfield Fire Station has already accomplished several milestones. The project team 
recognized the final exterior beam being raised Thursday, March 16 through a beam signing ceremony. With 
the roof decks installed and concrete floor slabs recently poured, interior work will now occur at a rapid pace.

“This past week, we had all of the concrete floors poured in the building,” Strahan added. “They will very 
shortly start working on interior walls. The exterior walls will also be continuing this week.”

Expenses for the new fire station are estimated at $21.7 million. The sum also includes the cost of the temporary 
fire station on 53 Hope St. that became operational in September 2021. The Fire Department vacated its former 
headquarters at that time to make room for the new Greenfield Public Library on 412 Main St.

Once completed, the Greenfield Fire Station will include administrative offices, an emergency operations center, firefighter living quarters, bays to accommodate modern fire apparatus and a fire department museum.

Among the plethora of modernized amenities, the Greenfield Fire Station will also meet sustainable energy goals to fit into local utility incentive programs. The fire station will be fully electric, with propane only used for the kitchenette range and standby generator fuel.